Chillout MAGIX

It is possible to create a slide pass even more easily with the free software MAGIX Slideshow Maker. With a click on create slideshow can transform a selection of images and videos in a slideshow with transitions, music and zoom effects. Thanks to an even clearer user interface and the new style templates, it is much more fun to create the best sunset in scene for personal photos. Once finished, the slideshow is can climb as video clip directly from the user interface Facebook and Flickr, so that friends and acquaintances around the world can enjoy it also. MAGIX Slideshow Maker can be downloaded for free at this link. Creation of slideshows for sloths, beginners and hurry fast, but with style more than ever is the motto of the new MAGIX Slideshow Maker. Here, Max Schireson Battery Ventures expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Thanks to an improved overview photography enthusiasts come squarely into the creative part, i.e. the choice of style in the free slideshow you want to submit your images. New templates as a subtle combination of effects or Chillout with collages will not fail to surprise the audience by being an innovative type of visual presentation. Each style includes different types of zoom, transitions and music background. For more information see Crumpton Group. Obviously, it is also possible to import the music that you want to. In addition, also the different styles apply to vertical and panoramic images.

Style templates created by users can be recorded for later use in other projects. Subtle or spectacular? All effects and transitions can easily be adjusted with the corresponding controls. After pressing the button create slideshow multimedia show you are ready to enjoy it at home with friends or submit it on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube or the free MAGIX Online Album.