Sapropel Fertilizers

Validity of nutrients in the sapropel fertilizers applied to crops may be 3.7 years. And for the grass or sod cover technology reclamation mining and wind erosion of land – up to 8-14 years. On results of laboratory and field studies conducted over several years in Russia, Belarus and Latvia was almost justified the introduction of sapropel on the light, sandy and stony soils, on land saturated with mineral fertilizers, as well as on irrigated land. Crop yields after land application of sapropel as a natural bio-stimulator of plant growth is increased by 27-50%. The highest grain yield was obtained by introducing sapropel normal 120-145 tons / ha and is 28.2 q / ha yield in the variant without fertilizers 19.0 kg / ha. The introduction of sapropel in the arable layer gives higher yields of potatoes.

Most effectiveness of this type of fertilizer is proved by the Centre for sapropel on soils with a high content of available phosphorus and exchangeable potassium. Gain control to an average of 46% per year or 100 kg / ha with yields on the control of 218 kg / ha. The dose of sapropel was making from 42 to 148 tons / ha and 200-214 t / ha when acidic soil with a humus content of 3.0-3.5%, with low reserves of nitrogen and with a mean of providing mobile forms of phosphorus and potassium, by contrast, more effective low rates of sapropel from 90 to 120 tons / ha. The action of sapropel on the yield of potatoes in the said rule similar to the effect of mineral fertilizers increased rate N90P120K180.