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Fotoklip – this short time artistically composed of a sequence of slides. Unlike a regular slideshow, which may consist of photographs, for fotoklipa greater importance storyline and original design. After all, any music video, by definition, is an illustration for a song. So, the photos used in it must be correctly matched and brightly decorated. For a clip from the pictures we use editor slide show from AMS Software. This reliable and handy tool to create slide shows of professional quality.

With the slide show you can easily make a music album, original greeting for any holiday, high-impact presentations and much more! The program allows using an unlimited number of slides, overlay music tracks, includes a large collection of diverse transition effects and those for processing. The project is a clip you can burn to DVD and later viewing on a TV screen. How to make video from photos to music in slide show editor? To begin, select your theme roller. Clip from the photos, you can devote to any significant event – the anniversary, engagement, wedding, birth, travel, etc. The most important thing to include fantasy and pick up good shots. Come up with a script for your video, but do not forget that the plot should be understandable and of interest to the audience. Now the actual photos of themselves.

Images used in the video, should best reflect the theme of your movie. For example, if you cook fotoklip, on your beach vacation, choose the most vivid and beautiful pictures. In addition, the images must be of good quality, no less than six pixels wide. The fact is that when recording video image quality will be lost, so you need to take care of this problem in advance. Particular attention is paid to the choice of musical presentation. Music for fotoklipa should come within the meaning of your photos and create the appropriate mood. Pick up a musical accompaniment, which maximize the transmit emotions and feelings that you want to convey to the audience. Very interesting idea clip of the photos is to create a clip from consistently make shots. With proper mounting clip characters begin to move, and literally come to life on screen! One gets the impression that you are watching recorded video, not a slide show of photos. Translate this idea into reality can be in slide show editor. For this we first need to make a sufficiently large number of photos. Moreover, all the movements and displacements of the object need to be carefully considered in advance. To movements were smooth, use a multi-shooting nine frames per second. As a transition effect, select the 'Dissolution', to the extent possible to smooth the boundary between slides. Your fotoklip become even more fun and interesting, if you add the original inscription and will pick up a unique design. Ready movie can be placed in a social network or send to your friends by e-mail, and your efforts, for sure, will be evaluated on dignity.