Digital Companies

While the vertical vision of a distribution channel corresponds to tactical or operational decisions, horizontal vision of value chain corresponds to strategic decisions (collaborative). We must recognize the efforts of the BNC in his interest in the use of e-commerce and that the response to this effort is in general satisfactory and employers contacted so that they start to have a presence on the Internet have responded positively to the momentum that we have tried to give to the commercial use of the Internet. Now with the above mentioned situation the virtual marketing in the long run always reaches Transact physical materials, manipulate them, transport them, i.e. plan and make the delivery of products marketed by any means including the Web of the Internet. This means that someone should undertake the logistical support necessary to automate sending, facilitate the embarkation process and make the delivery.

It is essential that the final consumer can know at any moment where is the product shipped, the foregoing will form part of the integrality and design of the model of digital organization in these companies, it is necessary to take actions to design this model that integrates the solution to face in this new stage of business development. We are witnessing that currently experience, growth and development of electronic commerce and the presence of companies in the Web of Internet is a reality. In one of the texts of Bill Gates, the business in the Digital age, 1999, poses the essential features that must have companies in the future, and framed the situation to introduce in this era through 12 key actions that must implement companies, wishing to remain competitive and efficient in any of their areas; the purpose of this part of the document from these actions is customize and internalize the actions to take in our companies, with the characteristics of our market, based on the current situation and internalize in every its importance, on the basis of the design of a comparative analysis with this compendium of actions, listed and developed in its future context with the aim of developing goals and strategies that we put as companies in this era of digital technology.