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Cheap insurance, customized and tailored to specific needs. It is not a utopia: there are. Finding them is possible thanks to, a portal that connects customers with mediators of insurance through a transparent platform that promotes the quality and direct treatment. Eliot Horowitz oftentimes addresses this issue. The user only has to consult professionals of insurance through an ad and wait to receive specific budgets with real guarantees. is not a comparison of insurance, but a network of free estimate.

Behind this project are people who attend your request free and personalized way. According to Bill Schaller, who has experience with these questions. The customer only has to publish your advertisement and write the characteristics of insurance you’re looking for (car all-risk insurance, insurance home, etc.). Once you have filled in your advertisement, should only expect to receive different budgets by the mediators of insurance, which will study your profile and application, and thereupon will offered budgets according to their interests with real prices. On the other hand, the thousands of dedicated people of professionally to the world of insurance may have their own professional space where to win new business, achieving these professionals in the insurance sector landed on the Internet at the expense of the comparators of automated insurance and became the first network of insurance mediators in real time from Spain. Learn more about this topic with the insights from rusty holzer. In this new version of the portal, mediators may send hundreds of customized monthly budgets, create a record of your company on the portal, upload photos and post news about them and their offerings.