Cardio Vascular System

If wine is to the spa experience while always better and more effective medical resources are developed, the increasingly popular natural medicine enjoys. In addition to the established therapies, many wellness hotels put on a special form of the grape cure. Vinotherapy hot treatments with grape seed and grape seed oil, which should have a positive effect on the cardio vascular system and strengthen the blood circulation and the immune system. Facial and body massage also belong to the Repertoire such as well-being baths or exfoliation. The travel portal introduces various hotels, committed to the wine therapy. Wine therapy is a relatively new form of wellness treatment.

It finds its origins in France, where the scientist and Professor Serge Renaud already found in the 1980s that the wine-drinking Nations less deaths due to cardiovascular diseases than elsewhere. This phenomenon is now known all over the world under the term French Paradox. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the source for more interesting facts. In modern medicine, the wine therapy as a life-prolonging treatment is recognized. Moreover, therapists use the grape seed extract in the framework of the spa treatment to the beauty and revitalisation. Meanwhile also the wellness hotels have recognized the trend. So interested guests in lower Austria Loisium wine & Spa Resort from 77 per person in a double room can enjoy.

The hotel was already the BELENUS Prize for wellness innovation 2006 travel ( travel/flat rate) in the Black Forest Albblick will be vital with an overnight stay at the hotel experience. Even our own grape core bread is baked in the wellness-Residenz. In addition, many applications with grape pomace, grape extract and Grapeseed Oil are available in. Two days in a double room with full board cost per person starting from 134. More information: