Wikipedia In Spanish The Most Visited Of All The Wikipedias

Today I come to Wikipedia via and found my attention to our wiki in the first place more than 10 million pages on Wikipedias in different languages, since we were in third place until a few days ago.
It does not matter if you’re looking for on Google in English: ‘100andhl enandq num wikipediaandbtnG Searchandlr Catalan Wikipedia goes ahead of us, and behind the Ingela , German and Finnish. Come on, do not be in the range of holiday google.Sanbec ’11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Given the uppercase surprise, I went to the English wiki and charts, daily use, there have come in October, 599 million times a day, however, have almost 400 thousand items.
However, our wiki in Spanish in the month of October has been accessed an average of 685 million times a day. 86 million times daily.
Lamento disillusion, are 686 K, ie 686,000 page requests compared to 6.0 M (6 million) in English and 49,000 visitors compared to 392,000 🙁 Sanbec ’11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
I am puzzled as to write these lines, my first observation suggests that while there is a technological imbalance between English-speaking users, and all Spanish-speaking users, has far surpassed our wiki site visits in relation to any other wikipedia.
I just wonder, given the foregoing, we may speak of internet technology gap between Spain and Latin America If we draw on data rate, whether there would be in general terms, but I seriously doubt that there is a gap in andalusia Internet use and each of their scopes. The numbers of visits to our wiki doubt prove it.
We are, therefore, the most visited … Congratulations to all my colleagues for having achieved this feat! Manuel Gonzalez and Franco Olaechea 22:33 November 10, 2004 (CET)
Too surprising. Because 685 million times a day, taking into account that the day has only 86,400 seconds, is 7928 times per second … Can ‘… And then, because what I see in the pages of statistics on: (but this is the first time you go in, and may not be interpreted as well) is that the English wiki has 392K (392 thousand) visits in the month, Spanish and only 49 thousand. On the other hand, can not find the numbers that say. The closest thing I see is a fact of daily use, page requests per day, requests for pages per day, and is: is 686K (686 thousand), as in: has 6M (6 million, which may be rounded and 5.99 million). But I reiterate that I do not understand anything, and misconceptions can be looking … (A valuable related resource: futurist). I agree in any case be taken aback when I write these lines. Kind regards, – 01:31 Nursery November 11, 2004 (CET)
Indeed, in this case. It’s like you have interpreted. Sanbec ’11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
I thought that the order in number of visits, and requests a day, and traffic, and nearly all serious English, German, Japanese and Spanish … or something like that. Not like we have become the first in the class, but the fact is that this creates more traffic.
Main page of Wikipedia in English is only third, and is in second place we have the incomparable, majestic, comprehensive article on the Gambia, which is only a template and I propose to replace the country as Yunaitedesteits of the week )
Since we are the first Google Wikipedia on the classification, to improve the content of which is “the first article of the million-odd articles from Wikipedia in rating Google”. Sabbut 09:09 November 11, 2004 (CET)
No, that has nothing to do with the order of google visitors or traffic. Moreover, your search is google espana: ‘esandq hl wikipediaandbtnG Search Googleandmeta Sanbec’ 11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Fortunately our valued partner Sanbec mistakes in the data. Under the “Graphics” in the wiki is in Spanish comes to “everyday use” and then to “Page requests per day in October and now appears for the following figure: 685,968 down and the indication that this figure is for 1000 . (Mil). rounded translated to 685 million requests for pages per day. Otherwise, I promise to return to learn to read numbers. Olaechea Manuel Gonzalez and Franco 18:01 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Look good and see that 1000 is the multiplier of “685” as a month “in October.” To compare, a moving graphic. Really there is the multiplier 100, and, indeed, 100×491 gives 49,164 hits per day in October. – 4lex 18:12 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Indeed, the comma is decimal (as is usual in Castilian), no indication of thousands (as is usual in English).