Wall Street

When no joke zalihoradilo Wall Street, but the U.S. banking system began to collapse as a house of cards, many with undisguised glee hastened to christen the event as the agony of the Stars and Stripes Empire. But in less than several months, as jubilation gave way to panic. The whole world has realized that this agony threatens to turn into a general catastrophe. Catastrophe fortunately did not happen.

Patient pumped painkillers, but to save Peace in the best traditions of Hollywood and rushed a new hero. Things are moving. Today, all thinking mankind stirs the question: how to change the balance of power on the world chessboard? On the reorganization of the world say it all: from fortune tellers to canny investors and analysts. The world has already changed. And so the future, as in a mirror, is reflected in the processes that occur here and now. But one thing is clear: we are dealing with a unique case of reorganization of the world order. And this uniqueness is already in the fact that nobody is interested in the collapse of the leader.

Competitive partnership post-Cold War world, U.S. power was unlimited. This leadership is not only no one disputed, but gained widespread support throughout the world. Americans offered a surprisingly attractive and effective management model. It differed adaptability, liberalism and opens up great opportunities for economic growth. For the first time in the world contributed to the policy of hegemony is not suppression, but the development of competition.