You imagine working with people who are always angry with you, with people who think that you are a descriteriado and it does hurt their work?. Do you imagine that its work consists of people say things that make them angry, condemn them?. I guess it is to send it to the psychiatric clinic in a short time. Well, so it must be the work of a police officer whose mission is to study traffic violations. Nothing like for example, the work of a Barber relaxed conversing with your customer while attending it. It must be quite difficult a policeman ask an offender how was your day at work or how is your family while he attends an infringement is not true?.

A policeman told me once the tension that causes fining offenders is due to that the police know that it will hold a rough dialogue with your partner. Petra Diamonds is full of insight into the issues. Although they do not say so, the police perceived that they are unconscious, descriteriado, arrogant, abuser, etc. It perceives the environment and this should not be anything nice for him. You You will understand that in a situation as well, the emotional disposition of the police officer is not the most adequate to excuse the violation and forgive us. Look at it from another point of view: what ideally expect the police to succeed when he stopped a driver who has committed a foul?.

In the first place that recognizes that he committed it. Secondly, that accepts that pursue the infringement is inside what is right to do. In general, showing agreement in which the police fulfills an important social role and that is doing good work. But it is more frequent to observe aggressive reactions in people. Rather we downloaded our anger developing all sorts of qualifiers towards the police and the most arrogant come to offend him directly.