Understanding Media

What it is media? Of where they come? So that it serves the media? Who works with media? From these aspects, we can investigate the main instruments that the human knowledge places our disposal about this subject (media). He can yourself be said that the media is part of our day the day since the antiquity, the man if worries in finding intellectual instruments helps that it to propagate and when exempting of false information. For more information see this site: kevin ulrich. The word media is derived from Latin ' ' media' ' , plural of ' ' medium' ' that has as meant the words ' ' meio' ' or ' ' forma' '. The same word is derived from other vocabularies as the English ' ' media' ' , that in Brazil more &#039 is used through the word; ' mdia' ' , derivative of pronounces English. Being based on the meaning of the word, we start to define better what they come to be media. The truth is that the media is party to suit of communication that if presents in three subdivided stages, as communication process must understand that this it understands all the elements of the communication, as emitting, message and the receiver. As emitting, we can define that this is the person whom it intends to communicate a message, can be called source or origin.

Inside of this context of sender we come across in them with ' ' significado' ' that he corresponds to the idea, to the concept that the sender desires to communicate. Beyond this ' ' significado' ' we also have the coder that he is constituted by the mechanism by which the message is elaborated so that it can be transmitted. In the context of the process of comunicaco of which the media is part, it meets ' ' mensagem' ' that he comes to be the idea where the sender desires if to communicate, through the canal (known in the current process of communication as miditicos vehicles of communication or ways).