The Universe

Now, I I felt boring because it received no new messages that I teach you to take the next step or, wouldn’t be what in contrast to other moments I had been travelling around this road straight during several kilometers?, what made me consecutively increasing speed that was printing on my progress and as a consequence, not habre been able to see those messages by going so fast?. Because the universe is always sending us continuously messages or communications. If we do not see them is not that they are not, but we don’t see them. Making an analogy, when we go by car along a route and walk down a mountain with ups and downs road, turning left and right, even though our journey is longer and more afternoon, we are always moving and travel makes us more enjoyable and fun. Instead when we make a journey through a straight route, without changes in landscapes at our sides, even if we move faster, we are bored. So what I mean is that sometimes We will feel this way, but it is not that we are doing things wrong, but we are starting to move so fast that we lose those sensations of contact of what is called human scale. I.e. If one is standing in the green grass and sees him close and smell it, the feeling will be one, but if at that same grass we see from a car passing at high speed no longer leave us the same feeling. Therefore we must know to differentiate that this loss of most beautiful sensations is not because we are bad, but because we are advancing with further impetus; and must know that the green grass, those messages that the universe sends us always are, the difference lies only in that the higher speed walk greater distances to see them.