The Processor

I learned a lot about failure. While registering each failure, I studied from left to right and top to bottom. So today failed to resolve future mistakes allowed, even with those drawbacks had not yet encountered. If, like me, you had many failures with your computer, you will know what I mean. Every failure leaves a mark and a great learning utility for the future.

You never know how you will use that information again but the truth is that experience is valuable when a similar episode back. And we are bright and beautiful at the time to resolve it with convenience, speed and efficiency. When we refer to failure as something bad, inevitably we tend to avoid it. The process can only lead in one direction by adopting a defensive posture. That is, we will choose evil instead of avoiding chasing goodness. Choose and discard fear, not desire, or curiosity.

If our attitude takes the form of defense in a war without end, or take the processor to prevent, survive, but rarely win. When used wisely, every failure is to save time and energy. So take advantage of it, is an advance, a source of learning worthy of appreciation. Do not take it as something bad or serious. Avoid take it to the tremendous because you will want many "failures" in their road to success where there is a lot of trial and error and also of personal flexibility. Enjoy whatever way this way. Rate the story objectively, free yourself from the grid way of thinking that often accompanies the experience of failure.