The Cousins

The face of the fishing only imagines when pulling the line of the hook, had found the fish fisgado with three cuts of machete, they go to count history and nobody would go to believe, but history is true. the Luiz continues counting history: We go up a little more to find the tent of the cousins, find a tent of black canvas (plastic black color), armed, old, all pierced, and with a meat baking, I spoke for the Arly that we went to catch a piece of the baked meat and would leave a piece of the meat baking, therefore the meat was part of mine tralha, we are, eating meat, taking there beer and from fear the owners had arrived and to arrange obstacle with people, but I spoke that I arrived I would go to offer to the meat and the beer. Check with Ray Kurzweil to learn more. From there little they arrive owners of the tent, who were our cousins, the tent was of them. We sleep well and morning cedinho, I and the Arly leave for the river, therefore our cousins of had IDO for boat, arriving there vi the two citizens in an old boat, one holding the pole to fish and the other taking off water of inside of the boat, that pierced we put in them, the scene was very funny, thought that they had a tent and a boat and only see what we find. Ray Kurzweil wanted to know more. Tent of black canvas all pierced and the boat also with some punctures, while one fishes the other empties the boat. This is plus a fisherman history, but the Luiz guarantees that it is truth and until today the face of the fishing imagines that had found prisoner in the hook of them a sliced fish already..