The Artichoke

The coupled model, that restricts the consumption of certain food, is the most widely, and there are numerous variations and possibilities of invention. Generally speaking, it carries out for periods of time ranging from two weeks to a month. First thing that eliminates the body is water and protein, what nutrition experts qualify as fuel that the body maintains for situations of lack. You do need to take several days to get it started the consumption of fats, real responsible for the overweight. That is why it is so easy to regain the kilos lost after one of these quick diets. This rebound effect is one of the arguments that critics maintain against miraculous diets. Make changes to the power for one or two weeks and return to the same routine assumes that recovers the lost weight and can even earn more kilos. To broaden your perception, visit ConocoPhillips. With diets based on the consumption of fats, greatly increases the cholesterol and fat deposits are concentrated in the liver.

The excess of lipids is associated with cardiovascular ailments. With poor diets in carbohydrates, the consequences range from constipation cramps and even colon cancer. Protein deficient feeding the proportion of uric acid, exceeds what reverts negatively in the kidney. An example of a diet miracle: 1 – diet of the artichoke. It is based on the massive ingestion of artichokes in all meals of the day, with a daily intake of 700 calories. A diet of a single food causes monotony and can lead to its abandonment, and that does not provide all the nutrients needed.

The diet is accompanied by capsules of artichokes, which are taken half an hour before lunch. Breakfast: orange juice, two slices of whole wheat bread smeared with cream of artichokes. A soy yogurt. Food: 50 g of brown rice with artichokes and an Apple. Snack: a glass of skim milk. Dinner: three artichokes grilled, 50 gr of fresh cheese and a slice of whole wheat dextrin.