Technical Institute

The Secretary of Municipal Education, referring to the projection and development of education in this municipality nortecaucano, Santander de Quilichao, noted that the construction of the educational institution in San Antonio will cost between 2 300 and 2 thousand 500 billion pesos. One of the priority issues is education for adults. According to the local official you can speak of a good turnout, since so far there are 40 people registered in each of the 5 courses that are taught in the night shift from the Technical Institute of Santander de Quilichao. That figure is very important, taking into account that in the municipality have been sustaining that process for many years to give possibility to adult persons who work and are parents, complete secondary education said Bustos. Against complaints from some people about the removal of the collection of the Board of Trustees, fee for the Association of parents of the institution, the municipal education Secretary He pointed out do not agree with the way how collected those monies, although necessary for the institution for membership should be voluntary and not compulsory. Projects and works the theme of infrastructure is something worrying, since the budget allocated for this purpose is unable to cover even the priority needs such as the construction of classrooms, the array of covers, among other things.We have three projects that will benefit two communities of African and an Indian, who are the construction of institutions in the sector of El Palmar, San Antonio and guard the conception, noted the Secretary of education of Santander de Quilichao, for which we are still defining resources and making arrangements, concluded the official. The figure 2 thousand million pesos is the amount of resources that would need to Santander de Quilichao to meet priority needs in education. Currently only has a budget of 450 million pesos..