Part-time Job With The Employer Login – The Rules Of The Game

What rules apply to supplement the income of an ancillary activity is commonplace for many today. After the closing time in the Guest House, but not to relax or celebrate. Many workers take advantage of the free time after the main job to earn a little pocket money to. Very often employers and employees do not have the legal background are safe or adequately informed but. What are the rules must be complied with the income? The law allows every citizen the right to work, say everyone can choose the professional direction, job and training opportunities.

In principle, you need no extra approval by the employer to pursue a part-time job in his spare time, however, the employer must accept not any kind of ancillary activity for its employees. Decreased performance of this applies in particular to a diminished performance capacity is due to the nature of the secondary in the actual main activity if one has, after the conclusion of the service to be working for the competition. This point is included in many contracts, often you may be engaged for a period of months or a year after leaving the company for a competitor. Therefore, it is excluded at the same time and still upright service relationship for a rival company to work in leisure. Maximum working time also can the maximum working time which is laid down in the labour code are not violated or exceeded. The maximum permissible working hours per day is limited to 8 hours, but can be increased to 10 hours a day if necessary. You must ensure that the average total working hours within not to exceed 8 hours per day 6 months or 24 weeks.

In other words, you worked some days 10 hours at a time must you so compensate for this extra work time period of 24 weeks that the average working time of 8 hours per day out is the bottom line. Holidays do not use for extra income you should use the holiday not a paid secondary to investigate because it is used for recreation and should be used accordingly. Employees who return, because they’ve gone to a part-time job after a vacation exhausted on the job, and thus provide a reduced power, could bring this into trouble. The employer is obliged to provide a certain number of paid vacation days per year an employee, it is thus unfair to take advantage of the time with any other paid activity and thus to counteract the rest. Should you run a part-time job during a sick leave, this can cause an immediate dismissal. The worker has the obligation to do its best to bring about a rapid recovery, this is not going to a part-time activity, in the normal case but the rest and possible use of drugs. All in all is that for the main employer in no case suffer through the secondary and the statutory maximum working time not is exceeded. It adheres to these rules, anything in the way is an extra income.

Systematic Training

Indicate relationship or communication structures and apply the systemic training represents an additional qualification that is suitable for different target groups. Now, this type of training in companies is very often used to provide a systemic and so that solution-oriented conversation. Every entrepreneur wants his employees to develop an independent thinking and hence the ability show solutions to problems without finding the help and constant support of the Chief. Exactly this goal is achieved through the systemic training. Everyone has the ability to find solutions and to develop, not apply but often this ability, because it does not fully exploit its resources. Through a systemic training an employee as a systemic consultant is employed in a company, which brings the audiences exactly on this path, namely then, that they take full advantage of independent thinking.

It focuses primarily content of systemic training at a systemic education identify systemic thinking, new perspectives to develop, offer professional advice and new perspectives. In addition it also belongs to the content of systemic training, that existing resources as another power source and relationship or communication structures uncovered and understood. Application of systemic training is the systemic training an additional qualification. Thus, it is possible to integrate this in a company and a work field. So, she can be applied, practice-oriented and practical. The relevance of the practice is the systemic training of great importance, because it enables that a group much better bring their skills in the company and hence the chances of a rise. The systemic training is applied very often also in crisis areas, such as therapeutic facilities. Because of that but the mindset that conveys a systemic education, is very important for companies, it is also always greater application. Who himself wants to take a systemic training, should consult appropriate provider and can promote as well its employees.