Now many people use in their practice of self-tuning, creating positive attitudes technique affirmations. Every second (and perhaps every) book on practical psychology, esoterica contains a chapter on similar methods of self-hypnosis. 'I am successful', 'I am rich', 'I've got everything goes', 'People I love and value', etc. etc. Here are some examples of such formulas meditating. There are many recommendations of how, when and how many affirmations in 'accept'.

The best advice given the reservation that affirmations need to say deliberately, rather than automatically. It is close. But realize that? Our minds, like onion, consists of layers of different views, ideas, installations. Self-knowledge (as the process of getting rid of the cargo complex, and stereotypes that govern our lives and not give us their own decisions) is in the awareness of the existence and content of such layers. Must understand, to grasp how the belief at the moment I headed there and where it came from.

Then a layer of husk is removed, revealing a deeper 'record'. Affirmation – is, in essence, creating a new layer of plants, beliefs, attitudes. Hope that it will suppress the underlying, tried and tested over the years the layers is small. For some time, affirmations can be effective, but then comes the conflict. And the stronger the affirmation differs from the previous established attitudes, the stronger will be the conflict. For example, a person who was convinced from childhood that he was a loser, so it's been sitting in my subconscious, began to repeat that he is successful, will see the first change for the better, but then there will be strong reversals even worse state of mind, and then life's circumstances. This is a hint that we should get rid of old records (aware of their existence and content), and then make new ones. Thus, the affirmation is only useful in one case: if it fills the installation of a blank slate, a blank area of the mind in other settings, unoccupied cell. Creating new layers of belief, or plants – the path of mindfulness, the way to internal conflicts.

The Phrase

Leaving of the opposition it enters the sphere of the nature and the sphere of the society, we find the man wild living of the fruits of the land, not being necessary to force it, nor neither to use too much effort to get its sustenance. On the other hand, after innumerable progressos, increased of generation to the generation with the advent of agriculture and the metallurgy and the consequent division of the work, the man in the society state starts to live under the principle: ' ' Who does not work does not eat! ' '. With the development of the arts and the industry, the man, delivers the extreme works, degnerates and loses the vigor of the body at the same time where if he becomes morally depraved. While in the nature state ' ' the wild man, after having eaten, is in peace with all the nature and is friend of all its semelhantes' ' , the man of the society, satisfied its primary necessities, it is launched in a search desperate for the superfluous one and the wealth. ' ' It does not have a moment of descanso.' ' 5 Proud of its scientific and artistic knowledge, the men exaltam the society of the work, without attempting against for the miseries that this way to live causes. Strongest they enslave weakkest, appears the competition and the treachery, the ambition and the rivalry. Thus, since the agricultural society until the industrial society and arriving finally at a well recent past, the work appears not alone as the main claim of emancipatrias fights, but also as a terrible form of oppression and exploration. This contradiction is exemplificada by the phrase that could be chore in the high one of the gates of Auschwitz: ' ' the work liberta' '. If to launch a look to our redor, we will see that the work, such we conceive it to which, is an activity exclusively human being, not existing in the nature none another animal practises that it.

Right Brain

Foundations the superlearning is also denominated accelerated learning. It is a set of techniques and directed strategies to develop the process of learning in holistic form. In this sense, it allows us to know us same more, to assume the learning with commitment, discipline, and with ample sense than is to learn. The superlearning allows to connect to us with our human nature, with our essential needs, besides that to extend that human part, beyond biological, psychological, the social thing until the spiritual getting to discover our inner genius. This means that the superlearning allows us to explore and to stimulate the inherent potentialities to the human being in pleasant and natural form. It is a new conception of the educative process, a shift of paradigm in the process to learn that it indicates that we can accede to a 90% of ours cerebral capacity instead of the 10% to which we are customary. The foundations that prevail to the superlearning, are related to the Neurophysiological Aspect, that includes/understands: THEORY OF BRAIN TRIUNO: Our brain is divided physically and chemically in three structures: Neocorteza: It is the brain newer, it is located over the lmbico system, and is conformed by the Hemispheres Left and Right.

It is constituted by a network of connections between axons and dendrites that communicate by means of the synapse that happen in the left and right hemispheres crossing the hard body. The openings are the eyes and the ears, which are the channels of entrance of information to this brain. The brain of Neocorteza has like fundamental function the thought. The left hemisphere thinks about words/verbal, is a convergent and unidirectional, logical thought of cause and analytical, scientific, mathematical, exact effect, think about sequential form (passage by step), is rational, linear, weather, perceives the parts instead of the whole, is the brain of brings back to consciousness.