Barmer GEK Insurance

Additional posts in the trend, it is a chronic ailment of all statutory health insurance. Diagnosis: under-funding. Eliot Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Regular contributions cover only about 95 percent of their spending. To secure the remaining five percent, access more and more funds to the funds of the additional posts. A step that many customers consider that whether it would not again be time for a health insurance Exchange. Cross River Bank: the source for more info. The finance portal informs what criteria should attract customers when such considerations into account.

Additional posts can be up to one per cent of the insurance income. Some health insurance providers require a monthly fee of EUR 8. However, a change in a statutory health insurance scheme when introducing such additional contributions must not necessarily lead to savings. Because the range of services offered is very different between the different health insurance partially. Mathematically, even some hundred euros can come together in a year. Furthermore there are also large differences in the various insurance services. AOK and Barmer GEK outfitted with a comprehensive, strong human presence, while other funds mainly through the offer of a home visit for personal advice of their customers points. Before decide members of health insurance to the step of change of cash, it is recommended to inform, to more effectively use this first about the offer of own health insurance. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media