Hiram Jhonson

Sobrado is known that truth is the first victim in a war. Almost all the human species, knows that from the soldier who is directly involved in the theatre of operations until the civil that, from the outside, reflects on the bloodshed. But glories of its coinage as sentence corresponded to an American politician named Hiram Jhonson, there in 1917, with regard to the first world war. And it is a fact. Who doubt him? Colloquially we accept this great truth with the expression in the war and love anything goes. And the story brings us amounts of tricks that were absent at the beginning of the truth to impact the morale of the enemy, of course, without any kind of recrimination, because in a war, especially if you attack, your only commitment is to survive, with truth or without truth between the hands. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ConocoPhillips on most websites.

We have much but much oil, today the basis of colossal slander among Greeks, Patroclo dressed Achilles to roll back the Trojans; between Spaniards, to the Cid already mounted it corpse on a horse to cower to the Moors; among Venezuelans, Paez sent his llaneros to drag hundreds of hides and skins of cattle in the middle of black night to give the impression of possessing a huge army tricks, as I said, falsehoods, lies, lies white, if you will, but everything in the context of war and from the valid survival camp. Now come to the point, and let’s say that today, was information, manipulation of the truth itself is a science or technology, an art of war, a war in itself. It is what is known as fourth-generation war, situation say pre-war where the sides fall to truths and lies in order to, first, justify the onset of a conflict, and if it is possible, therefore, win it in advance, i.e. without taking a shot, with the endorsement uninformed public opinion. It was what he did with Iraq and the tale of the weapons of mass destruction and that was just from do with Libya, with the tale of bombing civilians, that never existed, according to Russian sources. Almost everyone believed that species, say obediently, and almost nobody threw the wanted is always the petroleum, the eternal and finite. Now, let us reflect. What deplorable is that truth lost even before you start to fight and, what is worse even than its prostituted version will be used to start a war, cynical, barefaced, unjust war.

In Venezuela the imperial power already made feints with his guerrita of fourth generation, fulfilling its first phase, which was the lift we slander of drug trafficking, guerrillas, tyranny and terrorism; but never materialized the second the attack us militarily, after preparing the ground with your lies. However, we must be alert. Fourth generation wars do not end.