Netbook Laptops

Since the days of computer giant has seen many changes. Almost all of these changes are positive – the technology improves, the possibilities are more accessible and they are now not only to the elite. But there is one pinprick for the consumer of these technologies – every new idea gets its name and is not always the uninitiated person can understand what one is different. We represent you a little 'explanatory notes' regarding the most fashionable today subclass of small laptops. Well, meet – notebook (netbook). This term was first used in the past century – in the distant 1999. But it was rather the experiments. An important event occurred In 2007, the year – the company introduced its first Asus netbook Eee Pc.

What immediately caught the public for netbooks is their price – netbook from Asus was worth about $ 250. What was the prerequisite for the emergence of low-cost netbook? – It is certainly development of the Internet and wireless technologies – ie everyone understood that to be online now more important than having a powerful computer. Clearly, therefore, a device that could easily have passed for a cheap laptop or cheap mini-laptop, called netbook (from the English 'net' – 'network'). And since the network needs anytime and anywhere, the netbooks are mainly very small and a long run on batteries. Respectively, and the technology they used, requiring less energy – Processors are generally weak, and instead of the usual hard disk SSD-drives (a kind of 'stick') – minus the fact that they have, so far, are inferior in capacity hard drives. Also save on video system, although the movies in high quality most netbooks can watch. In general, in its essence is the same netbook laptops, only a mini.

And if at first all agree that a netbook – a device up to 10 inches, and now there are 12 inch models. Netbook designed to work on the Internet. This does not mean that other notebooks do not focus on it, others can simply much more! Netbook – a small notebook to the Internet and perform simple office tasks. It is not designed for processor-intensive tasks. Its size and cost are reduced by minimizing the various parameters that affect output. Netbook – it's not a new class is the evolution of laptops. Perhaps soon, the term becomes meaningless, as the technology improves and the same small notebook to the network will become more powerful. So, in the near future we are waiting for new devices – and they will be powerful, and lightweight, mobile, and they will be on board a lot of hitherto unseen features. The main thing – the laptop will be mobile – so it was originally designed. To date, apart from the pioneering Asus, netbooks produce almost all notebook manufacturers. Among the leaders – MSI, Acer and, in fact, Asus. PS: 'Split Personality'. Please note that there is also the term "subnotebook." It's the same thing as a netbook.

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple – the quality and sophistication If you've been paying attention to the products of the company Apple, then you obviously know a lot about high-quality technology. Once purchasing products of this company, you will remain faithful to her fan for years. Because of this friendly interface and unparalleled quality is not no other firm. One has only to buy a macbook pro, take him in hand and immediately feel the build quality. Patented body is made of lightweight, scratch resistant aluminum. He nice polished and refined a unique look. These laptops are prefixed with mac fall in love with yourself once and for all.

The power in the rugged attachment Pro implies that this model is quite powerful. It has a good functionality and can even use it for graphics and video. Power and still have enough for other applications. An operating system is installed on all production of firm guarantees stability and maximum protection from network attacks. A desire to buy a macbook pro and forget about all sorts of viruses and does not guarantee full protection of antivirus, naturally.

You do not have to constantly worry that your computer may be subject to viruses that can destroy all data and steal passwords. The monitor and battery, however, not dwell on external examination. Let us open and look at the wonderful clean anti-glare screen with LED backlight. You can not worry about the glare on the screen while watching your favorite movie or home video. Glass screen hyperfine, robust and durable. The screen resolution is dependent on which model you choose. Here you can buy a macbook pro of different models and configurations of miniature blade up to the powerful and solid. Another of the advantages of these products is that all the models batteries with new energy-saving architecture. Automatic mode switching for long-term conservation of charge allows you to not worry about limiting the time of the macbook pro. Adaptive Charging Mode batteries to determine the optimal time of the battery. Where ordinary laptop uses three batteries, this model will work for one. Deciding to buy more space macbook pro can not survive on the spot for your photos videos and documents. All models are equipped with bulky hard drives, host a large amount of data. Good luck to you buy!