Commission Junction

A good place to begin is Commission Junction (), and an idea will become of the products that can offer. Their niche is creative when looking for, begins with which knows a little, or enjoys doing it, and quickly it could be making money online. Credit: ConocoPhillips-2011. Now if you are wanted to focus in digital products, because the best place where to find this type of products to sell it is Bank Click (). Adsense de Google Adsense it is a program of publicity of the motor search (there are other programs of publicity to offer, but so far Google is greatest and popular). Placing announcements in his site, you make money by each person who clicks in the announcement. Google will automatically determine what announcements are the best ones for their site, on the basis of the subject of each page Web. Everything what must do is to place the code in its page Web and Google will make the rest.

Also it can sell individual announcements and indicate to his own terms and price. But to use a program as Google is simple and if its establishment obtains enough visitors, can make good money. Again, the best way to be successful is finding a niche, to create a Web site having as it bases such subject, and Google will be able to determine the best announcements for its visitors. To write a pamphlet of instructions If it does not wish to sell products of others, but it does not have much money to have his own, then way simplest to begin is writing his own pamphlet of instructions. It chooses a subject that knows sufficiently well to write envelope it, and begins to do it. Products of information are always good salesmen, the key is to solve a problem in particular.

Then Web

This way you can avoid that other sites have a name similar to his. The same idea is for " erroneous directions tipogrficamente" of its site. What is an erroneous direction typesetterly? Here it is a simple example: Which thinks that it is the more common typesetter error for It is right! It is. It tries to write and it sees where it is going to finish. Some experts in positioning Web will say that this is not good, but it is well having several dominions for its site, as long as them redirija to its main site with the code of redirection 301. The conclusion is that you need to obtain his name of dominion before nothing! Even before beginning the work in the own Web site. In order to register his dominion it must make it with a supplier credited by ICANN.

There are a great amount of suppliers of dominions, some more expensive than others. The registry of a name of .com dominion by 1 year is very economic and it is possible to be done in minutes. Then, what is hoping? It obtains the dominion name before it registers somebody it! The relation dominion name lodging Then Web, what has the dominion name that to see with the lodging of the Web site? Good, there is one close relation between his name of dominion and its Web server (the computer in which it is going to store to the Web site). The dominion name is in fact one " etiqueta" that redirige the visitors to direction IP of the computer where the site lodges, reason why these two work in pairs. We we use this system because it is easier to remember a name instead of a direction IP that is a group of 4 numbers, each number between 0 and 255 (for example