Bach Flowers

Disease is a mode of protest by the Agency for Bach. Through the symptoms and illnesses physical body emits a signal that something in the personality must be modified. The Bach flowers are also known as remedies for the soul. This because they are substances of natural and not chemical properties that positively affect our relationship life and impact the magnetic field. Man is sensitive to the energies of the environment, your body, your mind and your spirit react to the high vibrations of love, and vibrations low as hatred or envy. For this reason, the Bach Flowers proposes a style of therapy vibrational and possibly the only truly effective therapy to stimulate our magnetic field in a beneficial way.

The impact of the vibrational therapy are coincidences that are one blessing, as they also get enter to mind those ideas that could not enter before an adverse emotional tide. So it is said that things happen with Bach Flowers rare is that altered the magnetic field man begins to attract positivist sources for his life and that they can be places, people, casual chance encounters that open doors and possibilities, always for the benefit. When this happens, the man looks shifted to other contexts. The dynamics of the Bach Flowers confirms the direct relationship between the body and the mind as well, between the human and the world that surrounds it. We are a bio-psycho-energy unit, body, mind and spirit are inexorably linked. To the restore emotional balance resolves physical illness and man returns to experience the fullness or recover forces and determination to move forward on its path of individuality. Towards the pursuit of the realization of the individuality point floral therapy, also known as therapy of emotions. Can be found on practical exercises which aim to enhance the energy of each of the floral essences. In the file in the web section, in provides abundant material for use as a reference, extract ideas, suggestions and much motivation to embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.