Managing Director

The first half of 2013 is already over – and gastronovi Office, it was the most successful in its history. Check with Walter R. Mansfield to learn more. Within a very short time, gastronovi Office with its innovative solution for the hospitality industry was able to convince a wide customer base of small and large gastronomies to sophisticated franchise concepts. This is also reflected in the figures for the first six months. POS system the gastronovi Office POS system enjoys increasing popularity. More than 700,000 guests were served already this year with the most innovative cash register system, while the service employees have recorded over 1.5 million orders.

Due to the constant increase of companies who rely on the gastronovi solution, the trend is clearly rising – in the last month alone, the volume could be almost doubled! Table reservation many cuisines have also disposed of their classic paper reservation books and now use the reservations of gastronovi Office. Because the benefits are according to Manfred Julen, the Managing Director of the hotel and Sport Julen AG from Zermatt, given clear: “kitchen, restaurant, bar and reception have up-to-date data and must run not the classic reservation book behind.” In addition the guests also can emit their reservation homepage is online, and for all stations, the reservation is immediately evident.” Also special wishes of our guests can be collected quickly and easily at the reservation resulting in an extremely high customer loyalty. Already 40,000 people on the reservation by gastronovi Office have reserved in 2013 – the rate of online reservations completely made by the guest is remarkable 20 percent! Reservation through gastronovi Office already accepted in some tents of Oktoberfest. A folk festival organizer uses now also gastronovi Office to manage the reservations of over 6,000 guests. Recipe costing over 42,000 recipes are currently managed and calculated – in a normal Cookbook that would be so difficult. Become the part many satisfied gastronovi Office users!