State terror and violence systemic

Hello Friends, with prejudice the images we see around the net and even on TV showing a police golpenado Mapuche leader, the perfidy with which he makes excessive use of force is unbearable before it generates a repulsion toward these behaviors are not primitive or animals, since no such species is between the blow of several in addition to an individual who has no way of defending themselves. But even when I am filled with disgust , and while I can also see the violence exercised by the Mapuche in response, I adhere to their struggle and feel that an injustice has been committed to this town and I can only sympathize with them. But what legitimacy can obtain respect for my rights, when the way to achieve is to exercise the same violence that institutional repression does to us’. The relationship between human rights, peace and nonviolence, it can be approached from the relationship between the various types of violence and the violation of human rights, and also from what you might call the “systemic violations” of rights engendering human violence. Because one thing is to understand that both the war and violence, involve situations in case of violation of human rights, there is a direct relation between both concepts, thus making it visible to all. But sometimes not so visible that certain types of violence such as discrimination, intolerance and exclusion, create conditions for both the violent reactions of those affected, and for the violent repression of those who want to curb these reactions. The rights abuse occurs not only through direct actions on the part of certain groups of people to other (special forces repression towards the Mapuche communities, another moment to housing borrowers, teachers, the Ping inos), which have been silenced, neutralized in their actions, repressed their rights). Many times the abuse these basic rights (the right to autonomy as peoples, to work and decent housing, freedom of movement, freedom from discrimination by race, sexual preference or religion, etc.., Occurs indirectly ( and there are not so clear responsibilities). Often things is a system that generates violence on certain groups of people, and nobody seems to realize that this system of things works. As if it were a natural fact, of a social catastrophe without charge. And that’s what progress is required on the injustice system, changing social structures, to guarantee rights to all, and thereby minimize violence, and hence the violent reactions, and therefore also the repression (justified to maintain order). I invite you to reflect on the ways of violence they are subjected, and which also serves, as well as to the answers we give in such situations. There are people who want Peace and recognition that nonviolence must be the form of relationship between people, we need to be many more, create awareness that we are so many that we no longer can count. abrazoMonica Toro A Nonviolence Study Group