Software Installation

Tolerability (Portability). The system operates on different processors of the x86 family Intel and amd. Implementing support for processors other architectures. Scalability (Scalability). In WindowsXP technology supports smp (Scalable module processors – modular multi-processor systems). Distributed Processing (Distributed processing). WindowsXP has built-in system networking capabilities that enables communication with different types of computers hosts.

Reliability and fault tolerance (Reliability and robustness). Architecture os protects applications from damage each other and the operating system. Localization (Localization). The system provides the opportunity to work in many countries around the world in national languages, which is achieved using standard iso Unicode. Scalability (Extensibility). The modular construction of the system becomes possible to add new modules to the various architectural levels of the os. Integrated Tools group: – Remote Desktop – allows you to work remotely on your computer. – Offline Files and Folders – allows access to network resources when you are disconnected from the server.

– Scalable processor support – support for multiprocessor systems. – Encrypting File System – File encryption means the filesystem. – Access Control – restrict access to files, programs and other resources. – Centralized administration – centralized administration system within the domain. – Group Policy – simplifies the administration of groups of users on the computer. – Software Installation and Maintenance – automatically installs, configures, repairs and removes software. – Roaming User Profiles – access to your documents and settings from anywhere you connect to a domain. – Remote Installation Service (RIS) – support for remote installation of the operating system on the network.