SEQ Figure Drawing

The result of the construction process in Method Composer is a Web-portal, which contains: role instructions – describe the knowledge and skills required of employees in the performance of roles. Describes the artifacts for which the role is responsible, and are problems in which the role participates sequence of tasks – described the process of its activities and tasks. In describing the tasks and identifies the main and supporting roles, and necessary for its implementation artifacts Additional materials – manuals, articles, document templates, etc. Web-portal, not only brings together all of the above descriptions, but also leads them to a user-friendly form. Learn more at: Ray Kurzweil. Employees do not have to spend a lot of time to search for role-playing instructions that correspond to his post or he had been temporarily delegated.

Web-portal is a structured tree and the contents of the display area (left side), as shown in Figure 1. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1. The appearance of Web-portal helps streamline Method Composer content Web-portal to provide maximum ease of use. The employee is enough to use for navigation content tree Web-portal and find the interesting part, it will have access to all functions that perform this role. A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. Method Composer provides not only a textual description, but also helps to create graphics, as shown in Figures 2 and 3. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2. The sequence of works SEQ Figure Drawing * ARABIC 3. Description of work is worth noting another advantage of Web-based technologies to documentary editions – hyperlinks.