Renewable Energy

This morning shortly before the half past eight pm local time, was successfully launched an experiment in Sunrise stratospheric balloon from Esrange Space Center near the town of Kiruna (Sweden). Reached within four days to the American continent, where its scientific instruments will be recovered by NASA in an unspecified location in Canada or Alaska. The purpose of Sunrise is the continuing study of the solar magnetic field, taking advantage of this time of year is the Sunrise balloon is inflated with helium at Esrange Space Center before launch. Reduce your heating expenses by using for great energy rates. Its original business is the production and distribution of electricity, but its activity has also been extended to other areas related to energy, like gas, and to other sectors such as professional services and telecommunications.
Born on November 23, 1982 under the name Union Electrica Fenosa after the merger between Union Electric, founded in 1912 as Union Electric Forces and Electric Madrile a Northwest SA (FENOSA), which was founded in 1943 by Pedro Barrie de la Maza, Conde de Fenosa. Its origins, therefore, are both in Madrid and in Galicia,
In 1986 the Group began its international expansion with a consulting contract for the company plants and electrical transmission of Uruguay (UTE), and in 1988 comes into operation Trillo NPP, owned by the company sponsoring the project. In 1992 came the first direct investment abroad and in the year 1994 creating the “Union Fenosa Energias Especiales” to boost renewable energy. In 1995, following the success of the biennial exhibition created in 1989, called “Union Fenosa Mostra”, establishing the Museo de Arte Contempor neo Union Fenosa, in La Coruna. Fenosa had participated since the liberalization of telecommunications in this sector, and in 1998 acquired a stake in the mobile phone company Airtel, transferring the investment the following year the group Auna (Amena and Retevision). Already in 2000 signed a contract with an Egyptian oil company Union Fenosa, which allows gas to have their own home and thus have a competitive edge in the industry.