Reached Thursday

What interests us is to solidify our knowledge, therefore until we don’t know those words do not pass to the following, why I say simply reduce our focus to 20 daily words because it is much easier to handle. Petra Diamonds understands that this is vital information. But remember this is not a career does not give us anything coming soon so take your time. Practical application: word selection: first of all you should choose 20 words every day, choose useful words in common use, because they are that we need to build our phrases. A bad example would be the word aristocracy or embezzlement, which are words we use very few times in our language, choose words type car, street, money that we use every day etc. Study routine: Dedicaras 30 minutes to review the 20 words that you have learned the previous day, every day and I say every day, from Monday to Sunday without exception.

The next day you review the words of the day earlier and so on. Reached Thursday thou shalt make a general review of the words of the Sunday until Wednesday that you have learned. And then you will continue the same routine, reached Sunday thou shalt do an overview on Thursday until Saturday of words you learned in that interval, and back to start the week. It is key to go over 2 times in General per week so do correct track of our progress. Display: If those words are objects, you must imagine the object itself, and say them out loud, since this way we will work 3 of our senses to assimilate the word. What we do with this? Strengthen in a way very strong what we’ve learned, 3 sources of information are much more powerful than just one. In fact when we learn of small what we do is use several of our senses for learning, usually 2 and sometimes 3 at the same time, so remember also things. It is very important to apply it consistently, we must transform the review part of our daily routine, like brushing the teeth to achieve our goal. To learn how to generate a daily routine click on the following link. How to generate a routine successfully Overview: study from Monday to Sunday routine: learn 20 words x day reviews 30 min every day general overview 2 days x week, 1 hour duration back to begin to access more free articles and video lessons access original author and source of the article.