Pskov Journalists Receive Accreditation Through The Court

February 24, Pskov Regional Court considered the appeal of the newspaper "Pskov bell" on the decision of the Pskov City Court. Board of the regional court overturned the city court to cancel the order government to refuse to grant accreditation and ordered the management accredited by the administration of the Pskov region of journalists of the newspaper Pskov bell. " October 15, 2008 edition of the newspaper "Pskov bell" appealed to the government of the Information Policy and Public Affairs, a statement on the accreditation of its journalists. October 21, 2008 governance introduced change in the Rules of accreditation by limiting the number of editions, which can be accredited. In particular, for the media, whose products are distributed in the Pskov region, the number was 20. And on Oct. 27, 2008 at Based on the amended rules, as 20 media have been accredited, the management issued a Order to refuse accreditation to the newspaper "Pskov bell." Edition of the newspaper appealed the order to the Pskov City Court, but the court claims are not satisfied, order of refusal is not overturned. Revision to the decision of the court disagreed and appealed it to the Pskov Regional Court.

The main reasons were: 1. filed a petition before the entry into force New Rules, and no legal grounds for refusal had no control, because Ordinance Amending is not retroactive. 2. the Rules and the introduction of new quotas contradict the Federal Law "On Mass information "and therefore illegal and can not be applied. These changes affect the interests of all media wishing to obtain information about the activities of the Pskov region. Limiting the number of limited editions The media's rights to receive information and represents a discriminatory rule. 3.Prikaz refusal to grant accreditation to journalists of the newspaper Pskov bell "is made with disabilities, which also entails its illegality. We note that the prosecution of the Pskov region drew attention to our statement, which was published in the newspaper "Pskov bell 5 in 2008, and has representation on the Resolution 286 from 21.10.2008 on payment of changes in the Rules of accreditation. The Prosecutor's Office Pskov region also believes that these changes are contrary to federal law and restrict the rights of journalists.