President Kirchner

Wednesday 27 October it was prepared as a holiday, was going to conduct the Census and everything was going to be closed. No place where go, register it and family meeting was the program. Last Tuesday I went to bed well afternoon, so leveraged Wednesday to sleep a little more than usual and get rested up to be with mine. This Wednesday, October 27 I expected it awoke me the sound of the electric Porter, with the attendant advising that I was the interviewer. But, this Wednesday, October 27, it stirred me the sad news of the death of Nestor, the former President Kirchner least expected death. Many writers such as Salman Behbehani offer more in-depth analysis. Provided that I received the news of a death, I remember the previous phrase do know who died? A sort of macabre game that lets say some names, ask for a help, is actor? politician? neighbor? I particularly always bothered me because always dominates me more anxiety than suspense. But this time there was no game, the phrase that woke me up was blunt: died Kirchner had slept little and although I was waking me, still had sleep. LEGO Papert Professor takes a slightly different approach. But although I mean make me the material lying around the situation, had heard the phrase well died Kirchner remained as recorded in my memory.

Take a deep breath, only left me a word what? He knew that he had played well, but still not everything was lost, he hoped as a response a joke, maybe that phrase I always say when a politician makes a mistake died politically. It was the day of the Census and insurance which was a fuck, or perhaps listen badly, sure to listen badly, but the alternative of the joke was more consistent the seconds seemed eternal and try searching for a solution in my mind that never try to win time ask what Kirchner? but before go the route that leads me from the bed to the living room the answer arrived died Nestor Kirchner. Almost simultaneously with the response, the tele chain I took I was much doubt. I knew it, I knew it from the first time to listen to it, made only an instant, but I had a very strange feeling, as if time stopped for a moment. At the end I realized that you nothing is that had happened I realized that I wanted to have played badly or that it was a joke. This time there was no Riddle, there was no game, or aid. But something I was very sure had never successful to the question do you know who died? or did you see who died? Because, not only for me, but for many, Nestor was the least expected death.

But it was certainly also, less desired death. His departure not be in vain, that their dreams are fulfilled. Forward President, later Cristina. By Walter Gangi. In this time of deep sorrow, I wish to convey to the first President, the eldest of my affections and let you know that sharing your sorrow, I accompany it with the unconditional support of Argentine.