The advent of new communication technologies (also called TICs or ICTs) has led the way in which people relate to the environment is changed drastically. Tarot SMS responds to this new trend. As in all new ICT there are doubts and fears about its uses and possibilities. These lines can help as a reference to banish some myths and know where to put the eye when it comes to doubt. Both speech and writing are a means that man has developed to convey their messages.

Since then, each communicational technology has its own characteristics that are inevitably transmitted the message. Credit: Dr. Mitchell Resnick-2011. I.e., the message is not insulated from the environment, but that one and another complement each other as a whole. In this sense, ask ourselves whether consult tarot by sms is bad or good, it would fall into a conceptual mistake. Not transferred negative properties or messages of texts by themselves can change the meanings of the Oracle. There is no way that digital technology can alter or disrupt the inquiry of the cards or runes. In this sense, the tarot by sms is as safe as any other type of communication channel to satisfy the concerns only the Mystic can respond.

And this ICT also have the advantage of being an economic and fast means of communication to receive information. Take advantage of that cell phones are at the fingertips to provide the service of disseminating the ancient knowledge of the tarot, it is more than interesting for those who predict the future. As it is known, however, about the sending of text messages there is a potential business and that grows day by day. Therefore, it is necessary to know beforehand the intentions of the Tarot readers that lie behind the sending of responses of the tarot by sms. We must learn to distinguish between those who want to provide their services through the phone, for those who want to make a fruitless business of the need for knowledge. For this reason, it is advisable to find out what the person or groups of persons are those who offer the service. It is important to consult with acquaintances who have used the service to find out if they are satisfied with the performance. Another possibility is to consult our usual Tarot reader, or the forums of our web site’s header. Once acudidas these doubts, we will have the possibility of enjoying the Tarot cards via sms without drawbacks and insurance of receiving what we expect.