Perfect Faith

What is the perfect faith that asks us the God of Israel? Why should you have perfect faith? Because only then will receive all of your requests, no matter how impossible that may seem. Perfect faith is God incarnate in human flesh, faith is a substance = a taste something that gives desire to take it, is to believe thats the substance and when you believe in your heart, the agape love flows easily to love God and his brethren, regardless of circumstances. Faith is revelation, perfect faith no question, simply create whole word of God, and is concluded that the promises that God promised will comply them, you just have to go ahead, although it cannot fall down, never stay bedridden, but accused the devil, do you think that you are not anyone, you Vale anything that someone I look ugly, nobody wants you, not ignore you the devil ignore it, rebuke it and continue walking. You He has been invited to the big party of the marriage of the Lamb, as said the preacher that I invite even to wash dishes. The visa to go is have faith for everyone who believes that all the promises of Mr. Son perfect. Without perfect faith there is no Rapture. That tremendous and profound truth is this.

We have to overcome fear and seeing God in action in our lives. The perfect faith beat all the circumstances, is not something imaginary like super man flying, isn’t something as real as my own shirt. Why is there so much religion today by seeking the perfect fantasies, in clouds, in faith when it is something so real that it is here in our hearts is not a hunch, not feeling, is something so real that it is listening to you and God ruled all his spiritual and natural channels. Faith perfect is an individual experience, you And Dios No serves him the faith of MOM or the Grandma, there are people who believe that their mother or grandmother is a genuine Christian, already with that has assured salvation, and is not, God has no grandchildren only children. Faith perfect, is not something visible as people who say: until you do not see do not believe, and it is precisely the opposite, to not believe it won’t. Believe in the one God all powerful is more than divine, and know the land where the manifested in human flesh, that is priceless. If you have any comments or concerns or fear to know holy land, please do not hesitate to contact us we will reply as soon as possible.