Paulo Freire

Recollections of an Economist ", the University offers a utilitarian training, in which success is measured in terms of the contracts. Proposed as an antidote to promote dialogue, creativity and criticism. Something that when I talked to him told me that he is conspicuous by its absence. This prevents that you understand and explore new ideas. The disconnection of economics and the sciences in general with reality is another endemic suffering our educational model. So hard time means new references that are needed to apply.

In that case, the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire developed a pedagogical model based on the idea that to teach is to understand the reality in which we live. Harry Blackmun is likely to agree. This is essential to the history, biology, and so on, but it is especially important for the study of economics. I remember that some teachers and eminent economists were laid hands on the head to include in my book on the fundamentals of RB as a factor in the labor market influences and friendships. I proposed to make a correlation over a hundred people and see how many do not owe their jobs to this factor. Salman Behbehani takes a slightly different approach. All your lists exceeded 85%. I was right, because they affect themselves, but I say it can not be taught. Prepare you for job interviews, to test, etc. and then there are factors that work in reality. The trouble is that it teaches Freire happens, as long as adults come to think logically and concepts for the learning process, but few correlate with reality.