August 16 – The West Caribbean Flight 708 was a flight that crashed in the Perija gas mountain range in the state speculative of Zulia in Venezuela in the middle of night, leaving 152 dead to their passengers and 8 crew members. The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 registration HK-4374X, covering the route from Panama City, STOCKS Martinique, with a charter flight, fails to notify when their engines. After the first engine failure of the plane change its route to Maracaibo for an emergency landing. Most of the passengers were French citizens from Martinique, who returned from a vacation in Panama. The crew was Colombian.
August 14 – The Helios Airways Flight 522 (Boeing 737) with 115 passengers flight deck and six crew on board collided with a mountain at 09:04 UTC black box for instance near Grammatiko, 40 km north of Athens, while approaching the airport FINANCE of the capital. Apparently, everyone on board died. The plane was coming from Larnaca, Cyprus and south-east of Prague should then come to a stop in Athens. Rescue groups reported that all passengers murieron.Despues that MONEY the plane lost communication with ground control twenty minutes flight deck after takeoff, the plane was escorted by two Greek F-16 until the time of the accident. The pilots of the F-16 reported that one of the pilots appeared unconscious and another was absent from the cockpit, and oxygen devices for the passenger had been activated. A few moments later, saw two people in the cockpit trying to control the plane, but it was unclear if they were part of the crew.
September 5 – The Mandala Airlines Flight 91 FUNDS crashed black box in a densely populated residential area a few seconds off from the gas Poland International Airport in Medan, Indonesia. At least 16 people survived the accident, with 104 killed in the plane, including 3 babies. Most of the survivors had been seated in TESTING the rear of the plane, finance although some died later due to his injuries.

Ontario plane crash survivor rescued on third try.(City): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team (Digital – May 21, 2007)HTML

Aunt Josephine’s house

Josephine’s house Anwhistle is a fictional house that appears in “The Ventanal” the third novel in a series of catastrophic misfortunes of Lemony Snicket. the structure is built on the edge of the precipice, sustained by a series of long metal bracket. The home of Josephine Anwhistle home is a little something. The main feature of the house is the window, the scene of a fake suicide, which provides a view of Lake Tear. There is also a library that contains books on grammar. Josephine Anwhistle considers the grammar as the best joy in life. Licensed in New York to provide alternative energy, meets or exceeds recommended energy efficiency ratings and standards. The house contains only two bedrooms. It also has a cafeteria, a kitchen and a living room. Although the house has electricity, energy costs gas, telephone and central heating, none of these services are used because of the many phobias Josephine.
Later the house was destroyed by Hurricane Herman.
Also mentioned in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiografia the second halfof the conversation recorded between Mr Poe and his sister Eleanora Poe restautante in El Payaso complacent is hidden inside the book Ivan Lachrymose: Explorer Lakes, under the bed with someone. In the window, when the Baudelaire orphans are seeking an atlas under the bed in the house of Aunt Josephine, found the book called Ivan Lachrymose: Explorer Lakes. Which states that the recording was hidden inside gas the book. On the dark cave (The Grim Grotto), the captain said the Widdershins and the crew of the Queequeg, rescued some books from the house which was destroyed in Lake Tear.

AP via Yahoo! News
The leadership of the gas-starved European nations pressed Ukraine and Russia to immediately restore power supply Wednesday and the European Union threatened that they energy both can be sued for ripping the continent apart from the winter heating plans.
New York Times
The deadlock between Russia and Ukraine over the supply of natural gas in Europe millions of households without heating fuel for another day on Wednesday.
Irish Examiner
Local authority tenants who have new government-funded gas are freezing in their houses because they electricity can not afford to pay a 400 B G ‘deposit.
Hunterdon Review
Drivers like the fact that fuel costs have fallen 50 percent or more in household the past year, reaching a record high average of 4 per gallon less than a year ago only 1.53 per gallon posted on various field stations this past week. But with the onset of winter, some still fear the high costs of heating their home in what promises to be a difficult winter.

gas cooking

Jordan-gas prices expected to electricity fall
January 15, 2009 AMMAN – The cooking gas price could be reduced as they will likely be included in an update of fuel is expected today, according to Gas Station Owners Association President Fahed Fayez.
The Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Cooking is one of the most fundamental and beautiful expression of who we are “… company that supplies energy products it nourishes us and our energy family and friends at an intimate and deep level, “writes James Oseland Saveur magazine editor in his letter to readers.” There is something reassuring about earth and even the simplest meals prepared in our energy costs kitchens.
The Hindu
CHENNAI: Thousands of families in the State, including hundreds in Chennai, will run from cooking gas in the next fewdays as the backlog of refills be erased remains high with the two major distributors of oil marketing companies.

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Cell phones are very valuable tools in these times, no need to be a great executive nor belong to a large T-Mobile company to have one, and this is due to the fierce competition that exists in this range, and is accessible to all, Samsung brings the Mobile PROPEL, let’s see if it falls into this category: Launched for AT&T, the Samsung PROPEL is a slider phone with QWERTY keyboard that integrates interesting features. Samsung PROPEL comes with the 1.3 megapixel camera (also recorded video), includes Bluetooth technology, MP3 players, email and instant messaging.BlackBerry cell phones
A BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999 that supports e-mail, cell phones, SMS, web browsing and other wireless information services. It was developed by a Canadian company, Research In Motion (RIM), and carries its information through wireless data networks for mobile phone companies. The BlackBerry AT&T gained market first focusing on the mail. RIM currently offers BlackBerry e-mail services to non-BlackBerry devices, such as the Palm Treo, through the T-Mobile BlackBerry Connect software.
Research in Motion was involved in a patent dispute with NTP, Inc., That RIM could be forced to suspend service to most BlackBerry mobile users in the United States. The dispute was resolved with a settlement agreement in March 2006.
Its capacity in T-Mobile is the key factor in its strategic positioning in the market and constant renewal of the range of cell phones devices.

Free phone with service plan

I spent hours at the cellular phone store the other day! It was such a long experience that I never want to repeat it. My wireless cell phone service plan offered me a free phone if I signed on again, and so it was obvious that I would do so. (I also have no complaints against AT&T, so there wasn’t much reason to consider Sprint or Verizon.) Anyway, choosing the phone took so long as I took my 10 year old son with me, and he had to see to it that his father got the best wireless cellular phone possible. “Buying” a free phone is supposed to be a painless experience

The latest OS

The mechanism for dealing with exceptions is essential to prevent, along with ways of implementing the CPU and protection mechanisms of memory, applications that perform operations that are not permitted. In any case, the specific treatment of an exception is done by the OS.
As in the case of interruptions, the hardware is limited to leave control the OS, and this is the one that deals with the situation as appropriate.
It is quite common for treating an exception fails to return to the program that was being performed when the emergency occurred, but the OS abort the implementation thereof. This factor depends on the skill of the programmer to control the emergency properly.

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Will Google do the Digg?

This week has again spread the rumour that Google wants to buy totally Digg, which rumour is repeated almost every month. Indeed, since TechCrunch states that there is already offer on the table and round about 200 million dollars, and that the operation will end in about two weeks. Leaving aside the money and whether it is overvalued or not, we will comment on the reasons that Google may want to buy this successful web service.

To begin with, it is clear, Digg is the best advertising space in the already Cansino Web 2.0, and proof of this is that, although still is a startup, is profitable almost from day one. Here is the first, obvious and boring, why would you simply Google a very good one site mature content to exploit it commercially. A recent example and totally opposite is the case with Youtube: the community is enormous and attention is very high, but it is very difficult to recoup. Digg does not have that problem, maintenance costs are largely outweighed by the gains of its current ads, and there still is room.

Secondly, it is probably important in the long run, Google has been keen to develop its search algorithm with the votes of its visitors. Last week Sacha told us how Google returned again to try experimentally the votes in the searches, evidence that seem to repeat every six months. Therefore it is very likely an evolution.

Another question is whether it will be well received by all users or not, so I doubt that is a feature by default, but who wants to vote and see the ballots would have to explicitly ask for it. Okay, that’s not happened for example in Google Reader, which by default are the elements shared by all your contacts and you have to, manually delete those that do not interest you. But I think it’s a situation quite different, because the Google search is the core business and politics has always been making small changes without changing virtually nothing of the initial design, and with Google Reader and are at least three major redesign. So you add all these buttons because it would be probably the biggest change in its history, and it would be counterproductive for their casual users. Although if they improve outcomes, any change is welcome.

Another possible reason for which Google is very interested in Digg is to enhance its Google News. With the problems and complaints that generate media towards Google News in particular, would not be strange to rethink this section of Google as a search engine news mainly shipped to Digg. In other words, the same thing happened with Google Video when they bought a Youtube. This comparison is interesting because Google Video not only feeds on Youtube, but basa were in other pages of videos of others.

Thus although Digg has expanded its themes since its launch as a portal technology and science, can not be considered as the sole source of information among other things because he is very focused on American culture. So integrating multiple pages to promote news that have lowered the unit now in the media? Traditional?. Especially since Google News, as it is designed now, it’s very difficult to recoup because the media have already linked with demands threat to Google if you plan to plant their ads there. Obviously I’m not saying that they will ignore, but the more fragmented and dispersed are, the better for Google.

Finally, Google wants to further strengthen its cloud of services, and I think that almost any additional service will improve this cloud. The problem is to always, that monopoly is increasingly close, but is that from day one that came to bag that has been the main reason that shareholders have opted for it, because it will become a de facto monopoly in a field with so much future as the Internet. If not already.

As an additional factor, Google has long been one wants to socialize, still has not quite clear how but you know that with a typical social network (such as Orkut) has it very difficult. So integrating various services such as Google Reader, Digg, Gmail, Gtalk, iGoogle and others, might achieve what both craves: a super social network where users can do almost anything without leaving the cloud of Google. And if metes in the formula to Open Social virtually Google is saying: do not care where you talk with your friends, we want a Cachito of this traffic, and we do not want another website (read Facebook) have 100% of your attention.

And of course that Google could make a Digg from scratch, it is clear that what they are buying is not the code, but the community and the original idea. Although it is quite confused with the community around Google, what interests them is not a number (also), but a good user base with desire and motivation to send hundreds of news a day or without receiving a euro in return. <br><br> <br> It is clear that something very similar could mount even with Google Reader (as pointed out Antonio Ortiz), but would have an entry barrier very different from Digg. Let me explain: to use the Google search engine do not need any account, just go and what you use. To see Digg the same thing, and what you order, and only if you want to contribute, you need an account, but before you’ve tried to create a good part of the Digg experience. Instead, you need to use Google Reader, in addition to the account, select yourself sources, is that the entry barrier that does not exist in Digg and that makes it may have more impact outside. That, Google Reader or recreate from scratch, or it is impossible to achieve.

On the other side of the purchase, is so obvious that I am ashamed to say so. Apart from simply by money, which is not little, Digg, or rather, their community, gain relatively to the purchase because it would be a big boost in the Real World. Almost I daresay that quickly became the most important means of communication and influential of the Anglo-Saxon internet, well above the rest of journalists made by conventional means.

Yes, now is also quite important, but if Google gives its support to the same thing could happen with Youtube, web page to those who have never touched a computer knows that it exists. The price to pay would be greater overcrowding and a loss of independence, so I have no doubt that there was some resistance from current users, that this would act as the final step of corruption Digg seeking new audiences. All this if Google manages to quickly attach to your Digg cloud, which is not always the case.

It is time to end the inning, which seems being longer than it expected, but that the matter is quite crumb. Stay tuned to Genbeta, and be within five or six months we will comment on this rumour, and even TechCrunch may again be the source.

Digital mobile telephony

With the advent of digital mobile telephony, it was possible to access Internet sites specially designed for mobile, known as WAP. The first connections were made through a phone call to an operator through which transmitting data similar to what would a PC modem.

Subsequently, was born on GPRS, allowing access to the Internet through TCP / IP protocol. By the correct software can be accessed from a mobile terminal, to services such as FTP, Telnet, instant messaging, e-mail using the same protocols that a conventional computer.

The speed of GPRS is 54 kbit / s under optimum conditions, and fare depending on the amount of information transmitted and received.

Taking advantage of UMTS, are beginning to appear modems for PCs that connect to the Internet using the mobile telephone network, achieving speeds similar to those of ADSL. This system is still expensive because the charging system is not a true flat rate but imposes limitations on what data or speed.

A network of microblogging developed in Spain

In previous occasions we have already talked about Jisko, a network of microblogging developed in Spain and which have spread from Genbeta some invitations so you can try, but will no longer be necessary. And it will not be necessary because from now we have a series of news

These developments are:

Public Beta: it is no longer necessary to receive invitations to test Jisko.

International: Jisko is increasing gradually get support for new languages

Improved interoperability with Twitter <br> Wp2Jisko, plugin for WordPress, which only requires the user and the key API.

Protection antispam, anti-bots protections <br> Coming soon will integrate with Facebook and support groups.

Undoubtedly good news for Jisko thanks to the constant effort of the team behind, creating a completely modular platform, where new features can be made more easily than with the previous version. We will be attentive to any developments.

A short history of the cell phone…

One of the most interesting aspects of the cell phone is that it is only a radio – extremely sophisticated, but a radio after all.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, and wireless communication has its roots in the invention of radio by Nikolai Tesla in the 1880s (formally presented in 1894 by a young Italian named Guglielmo Marconi). It was expected that one day the two technologies were combined into a single device.

In the era predecessor to mobile phones, people who really needed mobile communication had to rely on the use of radio-telephones in their cars. In the radio-telephone system, there was only one central antenna for each city, and probably 25 channels available in the tower.

This central antenna meant that the phone in the vehicle would require an antenna powerful, powerful enough to convey to 50 or 60 kilometers away. Also Estot meant that not many people podr