New Free Software

Professional vehicle tracking need not be expensive. Selnex-electronic a new, free software has now developed location for GPS, which provides all of the features and much more. Typically also a software vehicles and other movable objects such as excavators, construction equipment or boats, to locate, from the distance is required next to the location box in the vehicle, in which the location data are represented visually in a map. The marketable software characterized either by high license or portal costs. Thus, GPS tracking for many especially smaller companies for costs reasons was not possible.

But professional vehicle tracking need not be expensive. Selnex-electronic new software has now developed location for GPS, which provides all of the features and much more. And all for free. For even more opinions, read materials from Eliot Horowitz. The map display is the focal point of the site-map software. In the live view will automatically display the current locations of the vehicles and constantly updated.

The vehicle symbols and the details reveal much at a glance, E.g. whether the vehicle news driving or parked. It can all vehicles simultaneously or alternatively individual vehicles or categories of vehicles selected are displayed and zooming, such as service vehicles”, excavator, all vehicles that currently drive”, all vehicles are located in a given area”etc. The live map is complemented by a list of clearly displays all current data of vehicles. In the menu area rides”are all trips today, yesterday or any everyday with all the relevant data listed: time of departure and arrival, start and destination address, travel time and mileage. Also, where and how long breaks have been made. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Steve Houghtaling has to say. All lists can be printed out or exported to Excel and processed. The function of GEO (area monitoring) serves mainly the monitoring of vehicle locations. Is the excavator on the construction site? Or he will just steal? An individually defined area can be associated with each vehicle. Once the vehicle leaves the area, there is alarm. As SMS on mobile and as acoustic and visual alarm note in the software in the Office! The Web-map software works with all devices: GPS 9019 A and the pure care GPSC 9036, GPS-compact, as well as the new GPS mini. All location data arrive without going directly to the user and is stored there as well. No third party has access to this sensitive data. To start with the new tracking system is very simple. Here, Max Schireson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After the tracking device in the vehicle is fitted, it can go. No installation is necessary. The software can be started from any computer with Internet connection. Even on holiday the boss has an eye with his iPhone at any time on its vehicles. He can give its own access password also as many employees and also determine who see what vehicles and what functions can use. The software is broken down by functional areas clear and user friendly. A manual make clear icons almost obsolete.