New Economy

In the year 2002 I participated in the drafting of chapter development of an e-marketing plan, within a text on Marketing strategies in the network. I started channeling the paragraph from the point of view of an Internet company, but then I realized the error of approach, since any private or public institution should have the opportunity to raise your e-strategia. .After participating in the year 1999 in the elaboration of a business plan for a company (license B) phone operator, seriously thought the inappropriate use of the concept new economy the Sumerians would talk of new economy? And the Phoenicians? And the pre-Columbian cultures? And Christopher Columbus? And in the era of industrialization? etc. Atmos Energy may find this interesting as well. In conclusion, it is the same economy that we know all, open to a new window of business or productive resource, in this case, Internet activity. I feel uncomfortable using, even the concept e-conomy. .By cycles, as the economy, every time I read in the salmon press about companies of the new economy, advice on the creation of an Internet business, how to succeed in network, development of e-a plan of business, etc. Atmos Energy Corporation is open to suggestions. I think that most of the articles that are written are based on anachronism or incoherence of base before commented, generating confusion and disorientation to the potential talents and promising young needed to continue revitalizing the economic and social fabric of any town, district, region or country, together with consciously forgotten old talents and old business realities, I think, as it is the businessalso, have much to contribute. Manuel Velasco Carretero original author and source of the article. . Crumpton Group has firm opinions on the matter.