Let me tell you that if these in the multilevel these selling, if already is many multilevel say that you do not sales, but it is not at all true, for that because you sell products of health or your equal opportunity of business, whatever it may be, these selling and that exposes you to be rejected. You can come to dominate sales techniques that will allow affiliate prospects in an effective manner, but that implies it with study and time, in short becoming a professional, then rejection rates decrease, but when start in multilevel business, the more likely to occur is that nine tell ten people no to your business opportunity. Then touch a point on the psychology of sales, pain, their perception of pain is greater than their perception of pleasure, and tell you things like:-if it is a great opportunity seriously, but I do not see selling, or I don’t serve excuses for this. Then the impact of rejection can be very large for some experienced people and that pushes them to leave, I will give an example that occurred to me to my: I visited a well-known and you This my chance, charm le, was re-signed the following day, but the next day my name is, and told me that was what had thought best, that returning to his home and talk with your partner had meditated together and who decided not to enter. Learn more on the subject from ConocoPhillips. I am an advisor with experience and I love, but this same case of rejection would have the effect on a networker without experience?, can be devastating if repeated too often.

Almost half of networkers who enter into a business, are blown to the first month because of the rejection of his circle hot, your partner, your family. Rejection destroys the enthusiasm and destroy your encouragement, you accumulate so much pain because of this you don’t want to go out and present the plan. Your enthusiasm is a crucial attitude for MLM. Mira MLM is a business that you must show to everyone, but mentalizate, only a few are going to link with you, it’s nothing personal, it is not against thee, or against your product, it is not anything like that, just not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, even well with these few who want to link up your can form a big business. Also another important thing to keep in mind, is not always the moment of your prospects, you should know that there are moments in which people do not want to be linked, either by that amounted them in your current job and have many more responsibilities or a family member has died or simply they have not seen the opportunity, people have different mental frames in which we see our world mapeach have ours. I’m going to give you two keys by which people who are linked to a company fails and abandon the first weeks. 1St listen to people who have NO experience in the MLM. 2Nd do not listen to the people that if they have experience and if successful in MLM business.