When executing the research that took in them to the elaboration of this article, we could observe how much the technology advances quickly, considering that the innovations are constant, of this form it is necessary that high investments are effected so that these innovations are repassed quickly for the final consumer, however what it is observed it is that the speed of the technology is not the same one of its applicability. The evolution of the cards demonstrates of form sucinta the transformation lived in all the areas of the technology, thus, was of great importance to present the reader, in a simple language, the exceeded stages, that constitute the description of the technology and still to present it to it trend of this evolution in what it says respect to the innovations in test in the Brazilian market, as card without contact applied in cellular is the case of smart, clocks and chaveiros, that exactly already being used to some time in other countries, come being improved, in order that to each day, the necessities of the customer, are better satisfied. The study is considered that the objective was reached, therefore demonstrates to the reader that the advantages of the use of smart card are innumerable, which had been cited only some therefore the study did not try at no moment to exempt the verification of others, but yes, to demonstrate that one more time the technology is developed in favor of the society. It can be said that the searched authors, as much oldest as of the present time, had been unanimous in spreading benesses, however had not eliminated the question of the security guard for understanding, as well as us, that this is the focus of all companies and society in general. If you would like to know more then you should visit Salman Behbehani. For this she was displayed in this study, the technique of security more used by the Chips? criptografia, what it also demonstrates the concern of the manufacturers.