Maintenance Forklifts

Maintenance of the forklift: After running the forklift life, satisfactory technical condition and his constant willingness to work depend on timely and quality of maintenance. The factory recommends that the following types and frequency of maintenance: – daily service (SW) – the first maintenance (TO-1) after every 100 hours of operation – second technical service (2) after every 500 hours – a seasonal maintenance (SB). Daily Maintenance (SW) Daily maintenance is one of the main types of care for the truck and carried out daily, regardless of the number of used truck hours. Daily service includes the execution of operations for the preparation of the forklift to work (exit) and care for him on his return to the garage. In preparation autoloader to work to: – explore the forklift outside (chassis, powertrain, lifting devices, cockpit and tail) – to verify the completeness and condition of the instrument driver – check the level and quality of oil in the crankcase, and if necessary, top up or change it – check for fuel in the tank and the water in the radiator, top up if necessary – check the level of fluid in the hydraulic tank and leakage in the pipeline joints and through the cylinder seals, it is recommended for this purpose to examine parking stacker – check condition and tension of fan belt and alternator. – Check mount the wheels, Tire condition and pressure in them – to start and warm up the engine, make sure that no leakage of fuel, oil, water, check the serviceability of all instrumentation and lighting and appliances alarm (the alarm and the signal "Stop") – to test the reliability of the forklift and its attachment to the chassis frame and the tilt cylinder, and the reliability of tightening the screws on the cylinder rod slope, see no damage cargo chains, good condition attaching them to the carriage and frame truck, as well as the correctness of their tension – to test the clutch, gearbox, reverse mechanism, axle, Steering and brakes on his return to the garage should be: – clear the forklift and if necessary, wash it – see the autoloader and remove any detected faults – to operations provided by table oil.