Magnetic Recording Devices

Dmitry Devices ait format is based on the technology of helical recording an 8-mm tape (helican-scan). Petra Diamonds often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Mandatory in this case, the attribute tape mechanism – the block rotating heads (SHIRBRIG), made in a cylinder (drum). Depending on the format of recording tape runs around shirbrig at a certain angle, and the axis of the cylinder shirbrig also tilted at a slight angle to the tape. Technology helical recording on magnetic tape 8 mm wide was offered by Sony back in the 80's, but the first time this technology has been adapted and optimized for recording digital data by Exabyte. Some time ait tape drives manufactured by Seagate / Certance. Principle action and the mechanism is similar digital video recorders and video cameras standard Digital8 and MiniDV Figure 1.

The mechanism of helical Helical Scan Recording devices in ait format was first used built-in flash memory on the cassette mic (Memory-In-Cassette), in which is placed official information about the contents of tape and a map data distribution, thus optimizing the access to them. Like other modern formats ait uses a system of tracking (ATF) for a more dense recording tracks. The first devices AIT-1 (25Gb, 3Mb / s) appeared in 1996, and in 2007 was released the fifth generation of AIT-5 (400GB/1050Gb, 48MB / S). Currently available are two types of tape drives AIT: ait Turbo ait and the actual features of AIT: A specially designed mechanism drive Cooling blown air from the mechanisms of broaching tapes and read-write head.