Legal Services

-Services for certification and licensing, as well as obtaining various permits. Companies providing that kind of service, working in Moscow with different groups of customers, it may be natural persons (such as obtaining permits for redevelopment, reconstruction or improvement) as well as entrepreneurs (Getting all sorts of licenses, certification of products for building permits, etc.). Firm specializing in providing this type of service, often providing services 'full cycle' – ie from primary consultation and ending with the transfer to the Client permits (licenses, certificates, permits). -Services on legal support of business and services to legal services. This service in Moscow turns out to be as specialized companies, and various legal practices. In Moscow, is under contract to the User's legal service. The service is good, in our opinion, alternative for small and medium-sized companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, who need a permanent lawyer to provide advice on current activities, but can not afford to hire a staff lawyer.

In addition to this legal service is available at a price level lower than the salary a staff lawyer, and the undoubted pluses of this service include excellent Value 'for money' services. Services in specialized areas of law (eg, services in the field of patent law). Provided by companies or with a specialization in the field of law (patent companies) or companies with the division in its structure. Undoubted advantage to the lawyer handling the Principal in the field of patent law, for example, will ensure the passage of state procedures, that without the help of a specialist in this area, it is sometimes impossible to overcome (such as obtaining a patent, certificates of trademark registration of rights on appellation of origin goods, other etc.). -Management services in courts of general jurisdiction and Litigation in the Court of Arbitration. Turn out lawyers and attorneys, and in the field of professional law and process of legal representation by law, can only be provided by persons having the status of a lawyer. In civil and arbitration proceedings in the court of protection by the law firms and lawyers who can represent the interests of clients as at the stage of First Instance of the trial (before getting your hands on a court decision), and on appeal this decision (on appeal or cassation, in order of supervision, in order of consideration of re- discovered evidence).