Reported By The: 13 Campusmeetscompanies 2011 – A Complete Success

13 campusmeetscompanies 2011 science meets business on the 15.06.2011 was one of the most renowned Praktikanten-and graduate fair in the Central German economic area instead, which supports of the community. made an active contribution to promoting the 13th campusmeetscompanies as media partner. At 09:30 was launched at the opening of the exhibition in the Juridicum of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg with the greetings of the organizers, represented by Mrs. Effi Svende insulation Grove. Among Mr. Prof. Dr. Christoph Weiser joined and wish full stands and the students all companies an informative day.

Expiration of the 13th campusmeetscompanies 2011 fared after the opening at 10 o’clock to the job speed dating, to a new form of Recruitingmassnahme, where students get the chance to present the participating companies in a short time and to convince them of their personality and skills. Goal was to students through a limited number of companies a greater attention by the To send recruiters. The concept of the fair management of the campus contact Hall e.V. went on to your complete satisfaction. Results were full exhibition stands of the companies and a large number of interested students.

For easier orientation on the trade fair grounds and short portraits of the companies, there was a detailed newspaper, where the community was to find Who had still not suitable application photo, got the opportunity to shoot one of the fair. For this purpose, a photographer was all students to available. A very good idea, as also the rush of interested parties showed. Special highlight however was the draw for a DELL laptop in the form of a raffle, where you had to correctly answer 3 questions. Found as of 11:30 o’clock, to the fair itself, some lecture series held in which the companies presented themselves and presented. Each company had this 30 min time to inform the recipient entry -, Aufstiegt -, and training opportunities. All lectures in detail 11:30: HHL Bachelor’s degree then what Career prospects with a master’s degree at the HHL 12:15 o’clock: contact Singapore with Opportunities@Singapore 13:00: Witt group with your entry into the world of mail order 13:45: kaufDA with kaufDA by Axel Springer: the star of the location-based services 14:30: Unister group with Unister group of companies from start-up to large enterprises 15:15: employers: Federal Agency for work participating institutions and companies in this event took the federal employment agency, BASF services Europe GmbH, buw group, contact Singapore, DELL Halle GmbH, GISA GmbH, career center the MLU Halle-Wittenberg, technician health, Globus SB Warenhaus holding GmbH & Co.KG, there, MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG, Stadtwerke Halle GmbH, University Service Holding GmbH, Witt group, univations, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of management and also the community part. “The motto engagier’ you and take contact on!” the campusmeetscompanies was successful would result. Wife effi Svende insulation Grove and the campusmeetscompanies to cooperate with the community and pursue the common goal to tie good specialists and executives in the region by demonstrating new perspectives. For more information, see: