Internet Explorer

The navigation is one of the usability factors that can affect its success drastically online. A simple and easy site to use, passes to the visitors a good impression of its business. A site that does not obtain to execute in its computer goes to make the opposite accurately. Generally, we do not know the options specific on navigator used for the users of our site or if plugin uses some to block pop-ups, for example, or the speed of its connections with the Internet. Some desenvolvedores use softwares to collect the configurations of the navigators of the users, but some statisticians already can helping in them sufficiently. In the developed countries, more than 80 percent of the people use connections of broad band, this number are well lesser in developed countries less.

The majority still can use the resolution of the monitor 1024 768 x or superior. For the fact of many people still to use connections of low speed, we must develop a site that functions for all the users. With these statisticians we will know if we must supply to a content of rich media (many images, videos, audio, flash) and as we will develop our site. We will need to collect more necessary statisticians on the visitors using diverse ways, these research can be through groups of users in the market-target, to offer alternatives for the users with slow connection. It is good more for testing our site in the navigators used in different versions to evaluate the performance and the compatibility. In Brazil, according to site (in October of 2010) the majority, 49 percent of the users still uses Internet Explorer, 31,37 percent use the Firefox, and 18,36 percent of the users use the Chrome.Visite our Lodging of Site