Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology is a multidisciplinary and multi-unit of the University of Chile. Its mission is to help achieve optimum feeding and nutrition of the Chilean and Latin American population through basic and applied research, teaching undergraduate and graduate, extension, and clinical and technical assistance. Provides ongoing technical support to the Government in defining and implementing policies and food and nutrition programs. In this context, has contributed to the reformulation of national policies, define obesity and its consequences as a priority for China and establish specific goals for its reduction by 2010. He has participated in the preparation of food guides in the readjustment of the feeding programs and the amendment of Health insurance the Food Health Regulations intersectoral team integrates the National Council for Promotion of Health, Vida Chile, along with the Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture and the National Institute of Sports, among others, emphasizing research on food, nutrition and physical activity, to make effective interventions in hospital schools and kindergartens. Advantages: It has all that is required (tools) to meet the public accordingly. People with nutritional poblemas can improve their insurance quality of life with treatments that provide them. a nationwide provider of health insurance, understands the serious financial challenges faced by people who cannot otherwise afford to purchase major medical insurance plans We require food companies to label products in relation to the components they bring. Disadvantages: There is not much advertising of this institution for the public is informed of this and can go in case of need. Treatments are long-lasting. For low income people there are not many opportunities to attend this institution, as they are treated in clinics.