Insurance Companies

a Control of Insurance Companies. – The companies or insurance companies are regulated by the Insurance Act No. 1883, which for its opening, maintenance, dissolution and other legal acts must conform to the standard preset. But as a watchdog or controlling and / or supervision, with the respective sanctioning authority is the Superintendent of Pensions, Securities and Insurance. a Calculation of the risk premium. – Amount to cover the possibility of an accident, determined through an actuarial calculation.

or premium on risk premiums. (Not to be confused with Justin MacGregor!). – Percentage for event or reset. or costs Administration. – According to each company and the type of insurance. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker Atreides Management for more information. or profits or profits of the company. – This amount companies can play with the price. a Multiple insurance (art. 1070).

– He who takes several more certain about the same risk and the same interest, must make known to each of the insurers of the existence of other insurance. If the plurality of insurance is contracted in good faith, insurers respond in case of loss in proportion to the amount of its contract with regard to damages. If an insurer would have paid in excess, can be repeated against other insurers. a Coinsurance. – It is a single insurance contract agreed between several insurance companies as one sum insured and guaranteed laugh loud enough or strong.