How to Live Without a Radio

I wonder that we wanted to mount a radio, but a group of people in my village do not think I could live without a radio itself. Try to know what kinds of content they wanted, it was not surprised that those served are satisfied that the market offered, but only received some curious silence or vague answers, having done this little research. At the insistence of wanting to have a radio in my hometown, I asked my friend, the economist who made me some quick numbers on the matter and both the operation of other radios. It seems that in my small region had closed some, others were at a subsistence level that made them unworkable. Given that reality could not understand that it would mount a radio.

It’s been a few months, and now I know that have some 80-odd radio frequencies. year all for my small county!, unless bad! … And looking at the total count, it appears that some radio stations have grown in number of places may be issued and other they have reduced their participation. They have appeared many unknown radios And where is the cat? If I look directly the rear doors of the regional government.

Part of several project grants for training in information technology designed to promote access to knowledge society in Catalonia, two very significant subsidies. WAY! of those that leave no doubt and whose titles go directly to concepts such as structural Grants 1 private radio stations in Catalan. 2 Grants to projects or investment activities in radio in Catalan. Now I begin to understand … As they did not know where to put about 160 or so buddies that they had voted, then go with the card to justify their clear and manifest incompetence within the labor market, and before the crisis, were without work. The Catalan government, had to do something for them. Thus, they had a reason for being and being. It was, one possible explanation. Y was also a way to help their buddies … ADe there! have been arbitrarily divided radio stations. Perhaps in this way, they could continue to buy their vote, because through the “unemployment benefits” no longer sneak and figures of it (the strike) unfortunately are increasing by the crisis have failed or bullfighting and not even, put the groundwork for the solution … And by the way, the more donkeys on the road has subsisting on crumbs (no bread) that gives the “pope region,” put it more difficult for any minority to them … Singing, or scream, or brings out, or proclamation and report on their fraudulent activities … Be heard in their region. PD. The councils, county councils and municipalities are also chastened, so that distributed grants to cronies of the radios. AASI we country!. It’s like what happens to local television stations, most live in the grant. All want to start businesses that work well!. AESO yes, you to be, talk and comment in full harmony with those who govern. This is another example sheepishly system that has been implemented in Catalonia.