Healthy Society

The moral crisis and spiritual are product of the ignorance and will be able to take the planet to the bankruptcy. Beyond reinventar an automobile that produces little carbon dioxide, an industry that does not depend on the burning of coal oil, ecological cities that treat its tributaries and privilege the public transport, that takes care of of the garbage, recycle and reuses, will have to reinventar the man, each one reinventando themselves, changedding themselves, changing the behavior, leaving of being what it is for changedding itself better into a human being. The social collapse is imminent opposite of the incontrolada violence, of the dependence of the drugs and the poverty. It has very if it comes saying that it is necessary that if it extends the conscience human being who is sign of knowledge and evolution, and that this is the only way that each one will have to cover with the proper feet. But as to make it? How to leave of being unconscious to be conscientious? what it is after all the conscience? Somebody already said that a distracted mind is a separate mind of God. The distraction is an absence, an unconsciousness. It is possible that God is related to this state of interior attention, to a conscientious attitude.

In an unhealthy society where the objective of the life is the pleasure, the people they are happy when they kill the time conquered with sweat without if aperceberem that when killing the time is killing the life. The main spring of a society of unfortunate persons is the egoism, the greed that promotes a progress doubtful. The only alternative for the imminent catastrophe is a deep psychological revolution for the sprouting of a new society formed for new human beings that disassemble the egoism and the materialism inherited of failed civilizations. The man to have to learn to live equilibradamente in two simultaneous worlds: the interior and the exterior, both closely related, that deserve the biggest attention. They complement and are same part of one and only reality. The disequilibrium or the absence of any of them cause the emptiness and the depression. To live always it are of same itself, for the exterior world is only sad, empty, incomplete. Whereas to live for inside of itself exactly he is only solitary, egoistic, monotonous.

The two lives, the interior and exterior, must walk well, and parallel. The crisis in one means the disaster in the other. The crisis spiritual and the ecological one are the one and same one, therefore the man has lived outside of itself exactly, materially, desequilibradamente, solitarily, desumanamente. It must be worried now about the environment, and also I obtain exactly. To be better to coexist better I exactly obtain, with its friends and the Nature. We will have to be more intent for not more still moving away in them from God, who another thing is not that attention, love, harmony, conscience, and that are summarized in a word: Truth. Everything what distancie the human being of its fellow creatures and the Nature is not true and is contrary the God, therefore It is in everything and all, and magnificently represented in each intelligence, each heart, each dawn, each child, its wonderful exterior temple called Nature, and in its magnificent interior temple called conscience.