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Thus agreeing to diverse modern educators whom they have written on the importance of the critical thought religious, and of the studies of the religious phenomena, for a citizenship more joust and human being. For even more analysis, hear from Salman Behbehani. The advertising was salient still that the media, wants either digital or printed, has given to the religious subjects in our country; that the development of a critical thought can be a fort ally so that the colleges student do not fall in ‘ ‘ armadilhas’ ‘ of thus autodenominados leader the religious ones that, launching hand of the good faith of the people, teaches one ‘ ‘ evangelho’ ‘ that it aims at only personal interests. In a society marked for as many inaqualities and immorality, the sense of the sacred one can help in the learning formation of form that in tomorrow, if has professionals worthy and competent, who exaltem and defend the ethical values, moral and spirituals, so necessary the largeness of a nation. .