Flora Martiana

When stopping to read the works of Marti you can astonish at every reading that is made, which shows how important it is to have a broad knowledge above all what surrounds us; just as he made Marti that far from being a gifted if he was a great connoisseur of all subjects and at the same time a fervent lover of all the fine and beautiful things that exist on our planet and it must be ensured for the morning our successors can admire the same a flowering tree, a bird making its nest in a leafy atejea beautiful plant of mango in production, as also one leafy shade. It is from this necessary and important linkage of the subject with Marti life which will lead to achieving a formation in values in the learner. Then in this positively influences the tenure of favourable conditions of nature socio-economic, historical, environmental, cultural, ect. Need to know which is a mogote, which originated, is features, ecological and social importance which is its flora and fauna, is an element that must be present in the curricular activity as extra-curricular the FAMSA. To conduct the research cited mogote, it allowed the confection of the floristic list of species of Flora Martiana present in the town. A total of 271 species of the listed general floristic of el mogote, 68 are species mentioned by the Apostle (annex 1), which represents 27% of the total. Educational potentialities that are generated from the study of these species are of great value, which has reference by experiences of nearly a decade of the Department of plant biology of the Faculty of the UPR Agroforestal. See annex 2 containing the plants that are in the mogote cited by Marti and who have dendrologica with their respective description importance, thus as its medicinal importance. III.4 the values are very complex factors that influence the process values of the person so are many difficulties that encloses the education in values from higher education.