First Steps Design

Before our ecological project we must take into account several factors such as terrain, the environment and the climate conditions. Mitchel Resnick oftentimes addresses this issue. As a first step the data of each of the major points mentioned shall collect for the respective analysis that will directly influence the blueprint of an ecological or efficient bioclimatic house design. Factors to keep in mind to) field data: check the composition of the soil of the future construction, the design will vary drastically if your project in one mountainous or rocky soil of another near the sea. (b) environmental data: depending on the geographic location of the site as we saw in the previous section, will take into account the best orientation of the facade of the House draft, is oriented to the cardinal point where the sun rises (for this if you have not yet acquired the site or field, keep in mind this important point). It is also important to use or conserve as much as possible the natural environment as part of the design or project at the levels of ecological houses, to generate the lowest environmental impact.

(c) climate data: this is the most important point of an ecological design, and where all possible care, we will focus on the climatic factors of the workplace. -Wind: find out in that direction blows normally in place, with that frequency and intensity and if it is cold or hot, for example. These data if pay attention out in all journals or newspapers in the world, can also consult the nearest meteorological station or online at the site. -Vegetation: verifies the vegetation and the Grove of terrain, tomato work of measuring and drawing on paper the exact location and placed corresponding measures, example: distance of dividing or dividing line and distance to the front, or statutory construction line. Type of tree, what kind of leaves and approximate height, these data will serve to determine if us will serve to generate shadow in summer or I reguardo winds. -Water: along with weather data find the regime rains and the approximate amount of water which falls in the year. This will give us an idea to determine if we will take or not water from precipitation to store and reuse it for the benefit of your home eco. Also find out if water abstracted from the groundwater of the place is suitable for human consumption, and if it becomes the network system potable water up there.

-The Sun: find out that time out and time turns to determine in advance that amount of heat and sunlight that we (sunlight) this is the factor most important in this type of design. You must know the path of the Sun with respect to the location of your project to your best advantage. The idea is to get the most sunlight to naturally lit environments. To capture and retain heat in the winter, and how the design will help us to protect ourselves from him in the summer. As you can see, the idea is to collect all climatic data of the zone is important; If you’re wondering if they are necessary, the answer is if. If you really want a few modern planes for more natural ecological houses, sustainable and healthy. Collecting this information will comply with the first premise of the basic principles of bioclimatic architecture: catchment, storage, isolation and protection, using own resources, especially renewable energy sources, basically working with sunlight, ventilation and controlling energy flows. Original author and source of the article